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Riverside JS

Who We Are

Riverside JS is a group of engaged JavaScript developers, with various skill levels, sharing their experience and knowledge. We host a monthly workshop (in Riverside, CA) where members develop and present JavaScript solutions to real-world problems. Riverside JS also maintains a Google+ community to support the exchange ideas and resources. We work from the simple principle that people learn by doing.

What We Do

Because our members do have different levels of experience, Riverside JS is developing a two-tier program, intended to provide a rewarding experience to all.

The first tier is a JavaScript Skills Ladder, intended for new and intermediate developers. The Skills Ladder is self-guided course that walks developers through the key concepts of JavaScript development. It's organized by topic, providing hands on lessons and coding challenges meant to test and develop your skills.

The second tier is the Hacking Track. Here members are challenged to solve larger problems focusing on the creative implementation of some aspect of web technology. Members are free to choose any area that interests them from a catalog of web technologies essential to modern web development. To provide guidance and grounding, we also publish a monthly workshop challenge.

Both tracks are being continually revised, and we appreciate all constructive comments.

How to Get Involved

Becoming part of the Riverside JS is simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Join our Meetup.com group and complete your profile including the three-question survey.
  2. Email the Riverside JS Organizer to get access to our Google+ community, workshop schedule and other group resources.
  3. Get engaged by attempting/completing the monthly challenge, sharing your solution at the workshop, engaging with other members online.