Skills Ladder

The Riverside JS Skills Ladder provides new and intermediate level developers with a self-guided path to a solid JavaScript foundation. It’s laid out in a sequential order with new skills building on those discussed in pervious sections, but users are free to use it in any order that makes sense. It is self-paced program, but it should take no more than 80 hours to complete any one phase. Here are some tips to get the most from this material:

  • Be consistent in your effort, but don’t rush.
  • Recreate all the code samples on your own, don’t just read them.
  • Ask questions at our workshops and through our Google+ Community.
  • Search for additional resources online.
  • Apply the concepts to your own code, and complete any associates challenges

The JavaScript Skills Ladder is a work in progress, and your experience helps us to improve the resource. If you have constructive comments, we want to hear from you. Please direct communication to the Riverside JS Organizer. We also appreciate tips on new resources.

Happy Coding!