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August, 2015 Workshop: Working with Arrays and other JS Awesomeness!

JavaScripters of all levels are invited to join us for our Monday, August 3rd, workshop at the fantasic Riverside I|O co-working space, 3976 Market St., Riverside, CA -- BIG thanks to them for providing us with a home! The workshop begins at 7:00 PM. This month we have something special.

Mike Axtman, our newest Event Organizer, has prepared a really cool challenge that utilizes arrays in one or more dimensions. From what I’ve been told, we’ll be building a well known game, enjoyed by millions around the world every time it rains. Only instead of using little plastic pieces, we’ll be using 0’s and 1’s and a heavy helping of arrays.

There will be something for beginners and advanced alike. It should be a fun night, and I hope to see a full house. Until then…

Happy coding,

Sean Olson